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Janice Baker and her firm have been our “go to” court reporters for the last twenty years. They are prompt, accurate, willing to go the extra mile for their clients, and best of all – wonderful and dedicated people! I cannot recommend them highly enough to any law firm
“I have used Janice S. Baker & Associates for several years now and the personal service I get from her and her team is unmatched. Janice and her team are always reliable and professional.”
Shawna Avila
Gambrell & Russell, LLP
“In forty-one years of trial practice in ten states, I have not encountered a Court Reporter with higher professional standards or technical ability than Janice S. Baker & Associates.”
Clayton H. Farnham
Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP
“Janice S. Baker & Associates, Inc. has been my go-to firm for court reporting for ten years. She and her staff have always handled my work with great care and professionalism. Her customer service and reliability are excellent! I highly recommend her.”
Richard D. Hobbs
Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, Inc.

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