Janice S. Baker & Associates offers a complete and full-service transcript document depository in all eight of our locations.


With years of legal and court reporting experience, we understand the urgency in completing legal transcription services. We also know how our client’s reliance on accuracy and the need for 100% confidentiality required when selecting a firm to handle legal documents. Each member of our experienced staff has signed a confidentiality agreement and if necessary, will sign a separate agreement with you. Call our toll-free number and record your dictation or upload your digital files via web upload.

Transcripts and Document Storage, Document Identification, Computer Generated ID system, Electronic Endorsement, Indexing, Scanning and Copying, Laser Color Copies, Oversized Copies, Blueprints

Traditional Paper Transcripts Depository

Janice S. Baker & Associates provides clean and secure depository facilities. Document boxes are clearly marked by case and submitting party. Documents can be viewed without an appointment during office hours or by appointment for special hours.

Documents Scanned to CD-ROM

We will scan your BANKERS BOX® into manageable CD-ROM format, allowing document portability, easy viewing and instant replicating. Thousands of documents can fit in your suit pocket!

Documents Scanned to a Secure Web Portal

Access all documents 24/7 electronically, depositions and exhibits via the Internet. Personal maintains a secure website, allowing only authorized users access from anywhere at any time via the Internet. Court orders, court filings, Service of Process, Notice of Compliance, case calendar, deposition schedules, even communication between counsel can all be included on a website created specifically for your action.

Deposition Transcripts and Document Management

All deposition transcripts are available on both a standard and expedited basis and are accompanied by a complimentary Condensed Transcript and Full-Text Word Index.

Condensed Transcripts and Full-Text Word Indices

Personal Court Reporters can convert any transcript into miniature format through the use of an ASCII diskette. Each page of the condensed transcript contains four pages of printed transcript, reducing a 200-page transcript to 50 pages. Each condensed transcript has a complete key word index attached, listing every word in the transcript, number of occurrences, and page/line references. Condensed transcripts are provided free with all copy orders.

ASCII Diskettes

This universal computer language can be read by any litigation support software. ASCII diskettes are provided with all copy orders.

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