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Securing court reporting and coordinating depositions is never as straight forward as it may appear.  There are many considerations.  Time is really at a premium and lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries all have very specific needs and jobs to accomplish correctly.  Add to the mix out of state deposition scheduling and the court reporting scheduling becomes even more challenging.  We will help your local court reporters get the job done.  We can host and network to provide nationwide court reporting services.  In Georgia we can provide legal videography in Atlanta with eight Atlanta Metro legal videography  locations.  These eight Atlanta legal videography locations also have state of the art comfortable conference rooms and legal deposition suites for convenient Atlanta court reporting.

Our highly trained staff consists of certified court reporters and certified real time court reporters.  They can handle highly complicated testimony and specialized field terminology to rapidly deliver accurate reports. We have handled complex depositions relating to Personal Injury, Asbestos, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy, Class Action Tort, Securities, and other detailed Medical, Scientific  and Legal Depositions.  Experience counts and we have the knowledge and tools to deliver on time and on budget.

Janice S. Baker & Associates has the proven experience and reliability to perform to the highest standards and practices.  This deep level of experience has translated to a wide variety of end to end legal support services.  Including top notch transcripts and centralized online document access, 24/7.  We provide an efficient “one stop shop” from easy phone and online scheduling, rapid report production, and secure document storage.Legal Document Online Access

Outstanding customer service has led to our staff having more years of combined service that most Atlanta court reporting firms, hands down.  It’s no secret.  We build relationships with the attorneys on staff, the paralegals on site, and the legal secretaries on the phone.  We also work to handle overflow from your local court reporters.  We take exceptional pride in delivering fast and accurate court and deposition transcripts.

Scheduling a remote deposition in Atlanta GA has never been easier.  Janice S. Baker and Associates have eight metro area locations to use for your depositions.



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