Janice S. Baker & Associates, Atlanta court reporters providing real time court reporting and court deposition and transcription services is now providing Remote Counsel services.  The North Georgia Deposition Services platform provides universal compatibility for remote attendance from anywhere in the world into one of our eight locations for remote deposition in Atlanta,  ANY of our Atlanta court reporters can connect on ANY device to ANY deposition ANY where in the world. We can provide those services in the courtroom too!


 Janice S. Baker & Associates
Atlanta Court Reporter


We can help you provide your clients with the technology services they have come to expect.  We evaluate technology, understand your workflow, and provide solutions built for litigation.  Best of all, we fully support our platform AND your equipment.  Our streaming technology is even built into CaseCatalyst for easy, automatic connections on any deposition, or just load our CATShuttle software on your laptop to connect Eclipse or other software to our server.  With Cameo Videoconferencing Bridge, bring your clients into the deposition to participate from anywhere!


Remote Counsel is the preferred provider of communication solutions built for every step of the litigation process.  We work with our Court Reporting members to be responsive to the changing needs of the legal industry. Our extensive, fully supported offerings are reliable, easy to use, and updated monthly.

Deposition Streaming

Cameo Videoconferencing Bridge

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