Video Conferencing Services
Book your Deposition Online.

Our video conferencing rooms offer not only a convenient location for our Atlanta attorneys, but for any out of town attorney meeting needs.

Video Conferencing is now available in all of our Atlanta locations.  You can use our Deposition Suites with or in between court reporting services.  Now you can interview single or multiple witnesses, communicate with clients with minimal travel, and even interview prospective employees or other support team vendors.

Let our high quality connection and service save you time and money on your next long distance meeting.  Schedule a videoconference with us today.

Consider the time consumed in handling  the logistics of depositions which is compounded by the number of lawyers  involved, the timing and trial court demands, the demands of other obligations  and degree of cooperation of all involved. Often rescheduling a deposition results in an unnecessary and expensive trip to court. Add to that the rescheduling of travel and juggling other commitments, so not surprisingly most would welcome the opportunity to attend  deposition by video conference if they can be assured the request can be satisfied by the video experience.

A vast majority of our client lawyers who have actually used video conferencing in taking or attending depositions have been more than satisfied.  They have even continued to use of suites for local clients as well as serving their out of town needs.