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Covering all of North Georgia, Janice S. Baker & Associates will provide you with the most comprehensive and technologically advanced court reporting and litigation support services available. Our attention to detail in delivering fast and accurate legal transcripts and our commitment to legal transcripts and our commitment to client satisfaction is guaranteed.

At Janice S. Baker & Associates, our certified court reporter services gives Georgia attorneys, local government and corporate clients the competitive edge they demand from a Georgia Court Reporter.  We cover all of your North Georgia court reporting needs.  For out of town attorneys, we travel all over North Georgia and beyond if you need a remote court reporter.  You can fly into Atlanta and make use of one of our nearby Deposition Suites.

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Client Testimonials

“I have used Janice S. Baker & Associates for several years now and the personal service I get from her and her team is unmatched. Janice and her team are always reliable and professional.”

Shawna Avila
Shawna Avila Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

“In forty-one years of trial practice in ten states, I have not encountered a Court Reporter with higher professional standards or technical ability than Janice S. Baker & Associates.”

Clayton H. Farnham
Clayton H. FarnhamDrew Eckl Farnham, LLP

“Janice Baker and her associates have been my primary court reporters for over 15 years. I have taken over 500 depositions all over the United States. Of all of the court reporters that I have used Janice and her team are the best! Janice provides the best, fastest, most professional, and most courteous service you will ever find. I am proud to recommend Janice to anyone in need of a court reporter.”

Bruce R. Millar, Esq.
Bruce R. Millar, Esq.Millar & Mixon, LLC

” Janice S. Baker & Associates, Inc. has been my ‘go-to’ firm for court reporting for ten years.  She and her staff have always handled my work with great care and professionalism.  Her customer service and reliability are excellent! I highly recommend her.”

Richard D. HobbsRichard D. Hobbs & Associates, Inc.

Stenographic and Voice Transcription Services

Transcripts provided by Janice S. Baker & Associates include:
A condensed version, word index, full-sized hard copy, E-Transcript, 24/7 Online Access

Legal Transcription Services

Video Conference & Videography

We provide our North Georgia clients with the highest quality legal video services for all depositions and witness testimony. Audio synchronizing and translation is also available.

More About Our Legal Video Services

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